The CON-stitution Does Not Pertain To You!

A brief over-view.

You know that “Constitution” everybody in the Tea-Party, and so-called “Constitutionalists” keep yammering on and on about? I have some really bad news for you. Unless, you are a private shareholder of the private foreign owned and controlled UNITED STATES OF AMERICA INCORPORATED, guess what?

It don’t pertain to you Sons and Daughters of what was once the Constitutional Republic. It was secretly and adroitly stolen, altered, and basically rendered paper for the out-house, or bird-cage liner, to you and for you, by a traitorous Congress during what is known as: The Act of 1871.

Oh, you thought everything is just going to hell now? No, it really started going to hell long, long before any of us were born I am sad to say.

Let’s back up, and do a little history that “We The Sheeple”, were never ever taught in the mind-control centers we falsely call: “The Educational System”, what a farce! And we all know it. But that’s for another article.

Here’s what they were never “allowed” to tell you, and still aren’t, unless they want to be flipping burgers the next day:

The “Constitution” of 1776, that was ratified in 1789, and that was based on Anglo Saxon Common Law, that to at last some degree recognized your God-given Rights, as a free natural man/woman on the “several” 50 state landmass, is no longer recognized in any court room in America, unless they want it to be and they rarely do.

Here’s why… while our ancestors were snoring … 

The Constitution that you THINK protects you, was made unlawfully and ill-legally null and void by not only the Act of 1871, but yet again, in 1933, under a witch’s brew of “Acts” starting mostly in 1913, and going right up to present-day.

Let me stop for a moment and address what an “Act” is: an Act is NOT to be confused with anything “Lawful”. Confused? Stay with me. If you’ve read my other articles, you know that there is no actual lawful Constitutional governing body to be found anywhere within the District of Criminals, or the 50 state geographical landmass.

So, what stands in its place? A private foreign owned, and foreign controlled Corporation, USA Inc.

A corporation, can not create organic (original) “Law Maxim” or “Federal Statute Law”. There has been no actual “law” created since 1933, that was considered “Constitutional”. So, what is an “Act”? It is merely “Corporate Policy”.

EXAMPLE: “The Patriot “Act”, is NOT Law. It is a Corporate Policy That everyone “thinks” is a law. “The Affordable HealthCare “Act”, is NOT Law, again, its merely “Corporate Policy” and nothing more.

So, now you know when you hear these criminals in CON-gress (who are actually the Board of Directors for USA Inc., and don’t represent you at all ) say… we’re creating another “Act” now you know it’s all corporate bull-S***.

Back to the Constitution of 1776, and why it is not recognized any longer by the de facto (fraudulent) court “legal” System we suffer under to this day. As I mentioned the organic Constitution was based on Anglo Saxon Common Law that lawfully and morally recognized your God-given Rights.

That all changed in 1933-1938, to present day.

America, the geographical landmass, the flag, all assets, all natural resources, all laws, all infra-structure, literally everything  including We The People, became “Corporatized” and “Monetized” as collateral, to pay-off all debt and any future loans for the “new” USA Inc., after the old USA Inc., created in 1871, went covertly bankrupt.

This was done without the knowledge or consent of We The People.

A corporate-state needs corporate policies, or “International Uniform Commercial (Contract Law) Code” induced fully in 1966. Corporations can only recognize corporations, as “corporate fictions” because, they live in a world on paper, and don’t recognize the world of flesh and spirit, or living breathing entities only “Contractual Agreements” in or out of honor, or dis-honor. A corporation as a “legal fiction” or “creation” and not the “Creator” can not administer God-given Rights, only corporate-state sponsored “Granted Privileges”.

The court system in America, is also a sub-corporation owned by “Crown Incorporated” domiciled at the Financial District of London City, England.

All the USA corporations that have come and gone, never declared their independence from the English Crown, or the City of London, financial banking/military shareholders, and is still to this day actually the Virginia Trust Holding Company.  

Since the hostile secret corporate banking/military take-over, starting in 1913, with the Federal Reserve Act, our once great nation based on liberty and freedom was slowly and carefully destroyed by the Wall Street and London City Bansters, our nation has been subjugated corporatized, monetized and bled to death by the parasitic Wall Street and London Banksters.

Where does it say you are beholden to a greedy, criminal, private, foreign owned corporation, stealing all your hard-won dollars by your own sweat and tears?

Where does it say you are to lawfully OBEY blindly a greedy, criminal, private, foreign owned corporation, that is only “pretending” to be a lawful and moral governing body?

I will answer it for you…THERE IS NO PLACE !!!!

David E. ILes

Enemy-Of-The-State, who has been threatened, followed, and my websites and computers repeatedly destroyed. And I ware it like a badge of honor!

May God Bless the American People And Restore Our Liberty!


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Obama, the President that never was and never will be.

What you are about to read may shock and horrify you the reader. It shocked and horrified me when I learned of this way-back when Bush Sr. was in office.

Nothing has changed since then, except it’s all gotten much worse.

I urge everyone reading this article to please read my last article first titled :


This last article helps lay the ground-work for what I’m about to relate to you now.

Obama, is CEO, Chief Executive Officer, which is a corporate title, and employee of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA INCORPORATED or USA Inc.

If you live “outside” of the 10 square miles referred to as:


Then, this is what Obama is NOT: He is not your President, and he is not your CEO. Well, if he’s not your President, and he’s not your CEO, then what the hell is he?

He’s pretty much nothing but a liar, fraud and hostile invading usurper, who is fraudulently mis-representing himself as your lawful and legal President.   

Obama doesn’t lawfully or even legally represent the 50 state geographical landmass according to even his own corporation’s corporate bylaws and private business charter which, can all be reviewed under the provisions within the “Washington District of Columbia Reorganization Act”. “The Federal Reserve Act”, “The Emergency Banking Relief Act”, “The Independent Treasury Act”, Supreme Court Case Law, Congressional Records etc.

What ? You thought you could just click your heels and know all this ? All pre-packaged like a “Happy Meal”? You were never to learn this E-V-E-R people ! They buried this information so deep that when you go looking for it, they need to feed you raw meat with a sling-shot while buried under an avalanche of dusty law books for decades.

I started smelling this nasty little rat back in the day when I was still young and beautiful, now I’m old and ugly, and I’m still researching and learning something new everyday.

These criminals never want you to know that there is no functioning lawful or legal Constitutional government that recognizes your God-given Rights. Are you kidding me?

Even a pizza delivery dude would have a hard time finding this crap. And we all know those guys are better at finding you than the IR stinkin’ S for $1.50 tip no less.

Let’s continue…

Obama’s corporation USA Inc., which is actually administered through another privately owned foreign controlled corporation, known as: “International Federal Reserve Banking and Monetary Systems Incorporated”, is confined to a ten square-mile piece of land known as: “Washington District of columbia Incorporated”.

Are you starting to get the picture? That’s right. There is no government – only massive foreign owned corporations within corporations. Everybody pointing a finger somewhere else if caught.

I promised you that I would tell you how the CON-stitution does NOT pertain to you, but, I’ll be doing that in my next article because, that gets too long.

Please help spread this information. I’m trying to not bury you in legal citations and mountains of “legalese” that would instantly put into a coma.

But just an over-view.

David E. ILes

Founder of Affinity Network News 



The most outrageous crime, and fraud in modern history has been committed, in broad daylight, against the American People, yet they remain vastly unaware, and clueless of this criminal and traitorous act.

Here’s what you are never to know, and what the corrupt power structure prays you never realize:

Very few people outside of the Washington D.C. “Beltway”, know that the nation was manipulated and forced into a secret and silent bankruptcy, and receivership that began during the Great Depression, in 1933, and was adroitly completed without the American People’s knowledge in 1938.

Long before most of us were even born, America was completely enslaved by the Wall Street and London City Banksters, as it remains to this day.

The “new” as in “New Deal”, United States of America Incorporated, was created in 1938, and is copyrighted, trademarked and registered in the state of Delaware as a: “private foreign owned corporation” for tax purposes.

All 50 states, counties, parishes, and incorporated cities are sub-corporations, or franchisees to USA Inc., and are under shadowy international treaty obligations to administer its “corporate policies” without question, if they want funding from the internationally owned and controlled USA Inc.

Sadly, what the American People do not realize is, there is no lawful constitutional functioning governing body that represents the interests of “We The People” at all. There is no de jure (lawful) governmental body to be found anywhere in America or the District of Criminals Incorporated. There is only a foreign privately owned hostile invading international banking/military corporate cartel that owns and controls everything.

Here’s the horrifying truth that you are never to learn about the false matrix we live in:

The short version;

What assets remained of the prior USA Inc., founded after the Civil War under the Act of 1871, were seized in a hostile corporate take-over which included the flag, all held assets, such as the natural resources, the laws, all infra-structure, financial holdings, and worse yet, We The People.

The shocking truth is the American People were captured as enemy combatants and are to this day considered “enemies-of-the-state” and then, “collateralized” or “Monetized” as “Human Resource” which is actually a legal term that means literally “corporate property” of USA Inc., as “Federalized Corporate-State Citizens”.

Under this “Federal Citizen” status We The People, are now unlawfully and ill-legally without lawful contractual agreement and full lawful contractual disclosure been transferred without our knowing, to a new “corporate legal” status as, “bondservants” or “corporate fictions” under the direct control of the banking/military creditors, and are deemed “debtors” to the Wall Street and London City bankster creditors for all prior debt and any future debts incurred by USA Inc.

In my next article I will share with you the reader why the Constitution does NOT pertain to you or protect you from the corporate-state, and why Obama is not your President …

I hope after reading this you are screaming with rage and fury! You had better be if you have a soul. Every time I re-write this information I become so angry at the level of corruption, treason and mind-blowing criminality that I can hardly type.

This must be made common knowledge so, please help spread this information to all who love their nation, liberty and freedom.

David E. ILes

Founder of Affinity Network News 




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